Incline Wheelchair Lifts

Ensure effortless mobility and convenience with McKinley Elevator’s inclined platform wheelchairs lifts. Our wheelchair lift solutions cater specifically to your accessibility needs, offering seamless and reliable residential and commercial solutions. Whether retrofitted into an existing structure or incorporated into new construction, our wheelchair stair lifts and platform wheelchair lifts offer a flexible solution for navigating between different levels.

Inclined Wheelchair Lifts by Garaventa

Garaventa inclined wheelchair lifts are an excellent platform lift option for inside or outside use, including winding staircases and shallow stairs. Each Garaventa wheelchair platform lift is custom designed for the space it will be used in to ensure a safe, convenient and practical application. Garaventa lifts have the most safety features of any inclined wheelchair lift on the market.

Inclined Wheelchair Lifts by Savaria

Inclined wheelchair platform lifts from Savaria offer safety and convenience without major construction or a permanent structure blocking stair use. Savaria’s platform incline wheelchair lifts easily accommodate wheelchairs of all sizes and glide effortlessly upstairs. When not in use, the platform can be folded up on most models, making them the ideal wheelchair lift choice for smaller spaces.